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Skaters and misfits taking care of the people on our city streets

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Skating for Change is as simple as:

Text some friends, classmates, coworkers or family members.

Pick a day, grab skateboards, longboards, bikes and head downtown in your city.

Hand out donations to people on the street, at the skate spot, at the local shelter.




Your city needs a hero; Your city needs you. 





Here’s how it works:

Skate for Change City Leaders across the globe take a look at what their city needs, what their people need, and then take action.

Whether it is handing out socks, or cleaning up parks, Skate for Change is all about showing up and giving back in the belief that everyone has value.

Check out this video to learn more, and click below if you believe what we do!

“We come out here and skateboard all the time, and we see people out here sitting with no food and their clothes are dirty so we wanted to help.”

Abigail Love

Skater/Artist, Skate for Change Grand Rapids

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