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Kits On Corners

Sanitized hygiene kits for people on the streets



Getting started is simple:


  1.  Purchase hygiene items such as sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, food and water. A full list of recommended items, and instructions are available when you sign-up below!

2. Assemble Virus Defense Kits with the people in your quarantine crew.

3. Sanitize and leave the kits on corners where you usually see people experiencing homelessness. Avoid personal contact to keep recipients safe!



It is now more important than ever for us to care for the people on the streets. We can do that by safely helping to provide sanitizer, face masks, and wipes.

Join us as we leave Virus Defense Kits on street corners around the world!


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DJ Stewart | Kansas City, MO

Bay Crew | Lincoln, NE

Mike Smith | Lincoln, NE

Macy Forte | Riverbank, CA

Alex Ruybalid | Topeka, KS

Jonathan Nápoles| Fayetteville, North Carolina

Jonathan Nápoles

Maria Elena Garcia | Vallejo, California

Kits Handed Out


How do we find the items for the Virus Defense Kits?

A few of the items in the Virus Defense Kits are tough to find in stores. We recommend buying bulk hand sanitizer bottles (found in most stores) and repackaging them into smaller travel-size bottles. We also recommend ordering face-masks from a local vendor or making your own. This can be a fun project for your quarantined crew!

This project does require a little bit of pre-planning, but this extra time is totally worth it to help protect some of the most vulnerable on the streets! All instructions are sent to you when you sign-up at the form above.

How do we see other people taking part?

Stay tuned to our social media as we share photos of people leaving #KitsOnCorners!

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Why paper bags instead of plastic?

We realize that this project will create some plastic waste, but we hope to minimize that by using paper bags.

What is Skate For Change?

Skate for Change is a network of skaters all around the world who are handing out hygiene kits to people on the streets. You can learn more about signing up to become a part of the network here –

You may not think you’re an activist, but we do. Join us.