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Skate for Change chapters across the globe take a look at what their city needs, and then take action.

Whether it is handing out socks, or cleaning up parks, Skate for Change is all about showing up and giving back.

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“We are out skating and handing out socks to the homeless…it just feels good to give back and do something concrete for my city.”

Dillon Burroughs

Skater/Artist, Skate for Change Kansas City

Meet a few of our leaders!

Abigail Love

Abigail Love

Chapter Leader, Grand Rapids Michigan

“We come out here and skateboard all the time, and we see people out here sitting with no food and their clothes are dirty so we wanted to help.”

Instagram @SaltyCurfew

Andy Morrison

Andy Morrison

Chapter Leader, Lincoln Nebraska

“Love skating, love shooting photos! Love skate for change because it allows my friends and I to cruise, skate spots, and give back.”

Instagram @andyxmorr

Dan Boyles

Dan Boyles

Chapter Leader, Denver Colorado

“For a long time I’ve been searching for ways to give back to the community through skateboarding. We will be handing out water bottles, socks, articles of clothing, hygienic items, and other necessities to those who need them most. Follow @skateforchangedenver and shoot me a message if you want to get involved! #bechange #skateforchange#SFC

Instagram @dboyles303

Create Antony

Create Antony

Chapter Leader, Nairobi Kenya

“Since I started skating I have learnt a lot & witnessed the possibilities in this art from change in character to friends and everything. There was not alot of guys skating but lately the scene is full of ambitious people especially kids. The reason I would like to give back is to see the kids being able to skate and stand on their own feet.”

Instagram @antony_create

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott

Chapter Leader, Baltimore Maryland

“Despite the bad reputation baltimore has been given, there is an abundance of culture and new things to try and new ideas sprouting daily. I also really enjoy going out and just getting to meet new people and exchange stories and what not between each other, because you never really know what a person has to say, whether it be a kid, just some lady at the bus stop, or even the less fortunate just asking for some loose change.”

Instagram @DankBurrito

Dillon Burroughs

Dillon Burroughs

Chapter Leader, Kansas City Missouri

“We’re really just trying to give back out here! ”

Instagram @Dillabetes

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Skate for Change is a program of Rabble Mill (501c3).

Rabble Mill creates more skilled, supported, connected communities through education, outreach, and storytelling across subcultures. Rabble Mill’s programs include The Bay, Skate for Change, and Hear Nebraska – all creating massive impact in communities across the world.

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