Whether its by yourself, or the whole squad – giving back starts with you!

Start a facebook group, instagram page, group text, and see what friends and family are down to help you. Studies show that most  people want to help out but can’t find the right opportunities!

Skate around your city and find the needs. Wether it is lack of food, shelter, education, or awareness around an issue – every city is different. Do your research and figure out how your chapter can make an impact that your city really needs.

There is no limit to what a Skate for Change chapter can do!

  • Film a skate video and use the proceeds to benefit a local cause
  •  Skate around and give out socks, water, and coffee
  • Grab the crew and volunteer at a local non-profit
  • Start an awareness campaign in your school or community and an issue


Currently, individuals around the globe are rallying their friends and creating an impact in their communities by raising money for a cause, raising an awareness for an issue, or raising donations, grabbing their boards and skating to hand them out.

“We are out skating and handing out socks to the homeless…it just feels good to give back and do something concrete for my city.”

Dillon Burroughs

Skater/Artist, Skate for Change Kansas City

Skate for Change is a program of Rabble Mill (501c3).

Rabble Mill creates more skilled, supported, connected communities through education, outreach, and storytelling across subcultures. Rabble Mill’s programs include The Bay, Skate for Change, and Hear Nebraska – all creating massive impact in communities across the world.

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