We Believe:


This is at the core of everything we do. Everyone deserves second chances, love, justice, and a friend. In this world of negativity, we swim upstream; speaking for the silent and standing for the broken.


Its not about how many followers you have, your college degree, or how you look.Making a difference and being a leader is all about action. What did you do today to help others?


Making a difference is as simple as taking whatever you love to do and using to help others. You don’t need matching shirts or community service hours to inspire you – you do it because it’s the right thing to do.

“We are out skating and handing out socks to the homeless…it just feels good to give back and do something concrete for my city.”

Dillon Burroughs

Skater/Artist, Skate for Change Kansas City

Here’s how it works:

Across the globe, skaters take a look at what their city needs, and then take action.

Whether it is handing out socks, or cleaning up parks, Skate for Change is all about showing up and giving back.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Chapter Head: Jon Ruybalid


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Chapter Head: Jennifer Gwinnup

Contact: gwinnup5@icloud.com

Check out Grand Rapids in the news! 


Photo: @SaltyCurfew

Surprise, Arizona

Chapter Head: Nikole Maldonado

Contact: nikole@skatenemesis.com

Washington D.C.

Chapter HeadMatthew Nicholas

Contact: mnicholas066@outlook.com

Martinez, California

Chapter Head: Brian Burns

Contact: bburns@martinez.k12.ca.us

St. George, Utah

Chapter Head: Kaysha Sorensen

Contact: kayshalesa@gmail.com 

Omaha, Nebraska

Chapter Head: Brendon Keller

Contact: brendonjkeller@gmail.com 

West Point, New York

Chapter Head: Marina Camacho

Contact: Marina.Camacho@usma.edu

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Chapter Head: Mike D’Aquilante

Contact: miked@acrescuemission.org


Las Vegas, Nevada

Chapter Head: Mason Storme

Contact: hoh.masonstorme@gmail.com

Kansas City, Missouri

Chapter Head: Dillon Burroughs

Contact: Dillonrb@gmail.com 


Denver, Colorado

Chapter Head: Shawn Pate

Contact: shawngpate@gmail.com

Lincoln, Nebraska

Chapter Head: Alex Ruybalid

Contact: Alex@skateforchange.org


Photo: @Aawhanawhan

San Diego, California

Chapter Head: Josh Utley

Contact: josh@intrepidnetworkinc.com


Seattle, Washington

Chapter Head: Ejay O’Donnell

Contact: Ejay@skateforchange.org

Baltimore, Maryland

Chapter Head: Kevin Scott

Contact: kevin.scott2016@baltimorecitycollege.us

Des Moines, Iowa

Chapter Head: Kellen Hesseltine

Contact: kellenhesseltine@gmail.com

Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Chapter Heads: Anna Dean and Savannah Glasscock

Contact: dean1ae@cmich.edu

Boston, Massachusetts

Chapter Head: Cooper Johnson

Chapter Contact: cjohnsonsu6@gmail.com

Atlanta, Georgia

Chapter Head: Max Ellis

Chapter Contact: sfcatlanta@gmail.com

Billings, Montana

Chapter Head: Austin Johnson

Contact: austin.johnson.t71@gmail.com

Hampstead, Maryland

Chapter Head: Jacqueline Valeria Gonzalez Ayala

Chapter Contact: jacquesvale30@gmail.com

Nashville, Tennessee

Chapter Head: Andrew Papa

Chapter Contact: andrewpapa.33@gmail.com

Rapid City, South Dakota

Chapter Head: Lynne Steinley

Chapter Contact: ozthegreatandpowerful12@gmail.com

Monmouth, New Jersey

Chapter Head: Joseph Chiusano

Chapter Contact: kid515@optonline.net

Red Oak, Texas

Chapter Head: Reginald Graham

Chapter Contact: regi.graham@gmail.com

New York, New York

Chapter Head: Malcolm Barbee

Chapter Contact: Malcolmkbarbee@yahoo.com

Cortez, Colorado

Chapter Head: Andrew McAlpin

Chapter Contact: angusmcalpin@mac.com

Norfolk, Nebraska

Chapter Head: Hunter Bergman

Chapter Contact: hbergman98@gmail.com

Chicago, Illinois

Chapter Head: Luis Salmon

Chapter Contact: jedet93@gmail.com

Chula Vista, California

Chapter Head: Michael Chavez

Chapter Contact: mchavez28@sweetwaterschools.net

Nairobi, Kenya

Chapter Head: Antony mwangi

Chapter Contact: mwangikihugu100@gmail.com

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chapter Head: Brad Hay

Chapter Contact: brad.j.hay@gmail.com

Chico, California

Chapter Head: Jordan Deas

Chapter Contact: jordandeas22@yahoo.com

Kerala, India

Chapter Head: Ananya Aswin

Chapter Contact: ananya.aswin@gmail.com

Denver, Colorado

Chapter Head: Daniel Boyles

Chapter Contact: dboyles303@gmail.com

Santa Clarita, California

Chapter Head: Bailey Hill

Chapter Contact: baileymariehill@gmail.com

Canberra, Australia

Chapter Head: Seth Eason

Chapter Contact: slicer092@gmail.com

St. Louis, Missouri

Chapter Head: Wendy Walden

Chapter Contact: noxtalksbusiness@gmail.com

Tampa, Florida

Chapter Head: Michael Distler

Chapter Contact: distlermike26@gmail.com

Chino Hills, California

Chapter Head: Mitwa Joshi

Chapter Contact: mitwa234@gmail.com

Canton, Michigan

Chapter Head: Alex White

Chapter Contact: White.alex207@gmail.com


Slocan, BC, Canada

Chapter Head: Joel Pelletier

Chapter Contact: info@joelpelletier.ca

Puyallup, Washington

Chapter Head: Gavin Kovacs

Chapter Contact: Ghkovacs62@gmail.com

Monterey, California

Chapter Head:  Jonathan Casas Ramirez

Chapter Contact: jcasasramirez2374@mpc.edu

Orange County, California


Chapter Contact: johnsonchhun@gmail.com

Bend, Oregon

Chapter Leader: Sam Schmidt

Leader Contact: Samuel.r.schmidt@gmail.com Instagram: @osumosamo

Montgomery, Texas

Chapter Leader: Kory Capps

Chapter Contact: koryc5198@gmail.com

Houston, Texas

Chapter Leader: Ana Lorant

Leader Contact: analorant@hotmail.com

Jefferson City, Missouri

Chapter Leader: Destiny Thomas

Chapter Contact: dhavenstl@gmail.com

Mills, Wyoming

Chapter Head: Olivia Donner

Chapter Contact: oliviadonnerismee@gmail.com

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Chapter Head: Caitlyn Ercanbrack

Chapter Contact: caitycat1217@icloud.com

West Creek, New Jersey

In September of 2018, we elected Zachary Strang as an honor chapter leader of West Creek, New Jersey. Zachary lived his life loving to skate and help others. After his untimely passing, his family has dedicated their time to being active in causes Zach would have been in his honor. We are so lucky to be teaming up with the Strang family on initiatives like our #20kbyXmas drive to put socks on the feet of 20,000 people experiencing homeless before Christmas.

Montgomery County, Maryland

Chapter Leader: Moira Grasso

Chapter Contact: Moiragrasso72@gmail.com

Amesbury, Massachusetts

Chapter Leader: Miles Hammond

Leader Contact:  miles.chaken@gmail.com

Temecula, California

Chapter Head: Brady Adair

Chapter Contact: bradyadair@yahoo.com

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chapter Leader: John Dodson, Jarrid Lopez

Chapter Contact: john.dodson@jostens.com

Madison, Wisconsin

Chapter Leader: David sauceda

Chapter Contactdavidasauceda@outlook.com


Toronto, Ontario

Chapter Leader: Yash Presswalla

Chapter Contactyash@impactskateclub.com

Columbus, Ohio

Chapter Leader: Jeremy and Kellie Gedert

Chapter Contact: kelliegedert@gmail.com

Raleigh, North Carolina

Chapter Leader: Susan Plattner

Chapter Contact: Calebsmama19@gmail.com

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chapter Leader: Kathryn Schenk

Chapter Contact: twistidsister42069@gmail.com

Yakima, Washington

Chapter Head:Carter Edler

Chapter Contact: carter.edler@wyotech.edu

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

City Leader: Flora Manson

Leader Contact: flozmanson@gmail.com

Shelbyville, Tennessee

City Leader: Daemyan Russell

City Contact: daemeyanr@icloud.com

Brooklyn, New York

City Leader: Julia Gordon

Leader Contact: eagordon06@gmail.com

Corvallis, Oregon

City Leader: Alyssa Ely

Leader Contact: alyssaiely@gmail.com

Smyrna, Tennessee

City Leader: Artemis Carlisle

Leader Contact: rartemiscarlisle@gmail.com

Santa Cruz, California

City Leader: Jazmine Miles

Leader Contact: jmiles2018@hotmail.com

Tulsa, Oklahoma

City Leader: Trenton Eden

Leader Contact: united.trenton@gmail.com

Norfolk, Nebraska

City Leader: Caden Tucker

Leader Contact: cadenrtucker@gmail.com

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

City Leader: Merlijn Crombach

Leader Contact: chromebach@gmail.com

Santa Barbara, California

City Leader: Ginny Miller/Miller Family

Leader Contact: ginnymiller@mac.com

Los Angeles, California

City Leader: Estelito Manansala

Leader Contact: estelitomanansala@yahoo.com

Stuttgart, Germany

City Leader: Becky Rhoden

Leader Contact: rrho2335@student.dodea.edu

Orlando, Florida

City Leader: Amanda Kiener-Tobias

City Leader Contact: amandakienertobias@gmail.com



Estimated number of Skate for Change activations since 2012


# of countries with active Skate for Change chapters


Socks we’re handed out to the homeless in 2018


Estimated individuals have participated in Skate for Change

Meet a few of our City Leaders!

Abigail Love

Abigail Love

City Leader, Grand Rapids Michigan

“We come out here and skateboard all the time, and we see people out here sitting with no food and their clothes are dirty so we wanted to help.”

Instagram @SaltyCurfew

Andy Morrison

Andy Morrison

City Leader, Lincoln Nebraska

“Love skating, love shooting photos! Love skate for change because it allows my friends and I to cruise, skate spots, and give back.”

Instagram @andyxmorr

Dan Boyles

Dan Boyles

City Leader, Denver Colorado

“For a long time I’ve been searching for ways to give back to the community through skateboarding. We will be handing out water bottles, socks, articles of clothing, hygienic items, and other necessities to those who need them most. Follow @skateforchangedenver and shoot me a message if you want to get involved! #bechange #skateforchange#SFC

Instagram @dboyles303

Create Antony

Create Antony

City Leader, Nairobi Kenya

“Since I started skating I have learnt a lot & witnessed the possibilities in this art from change in character to friends and everything. There was not alot of guys skating but lately the scene is full of ambitious people especially kids. The reason I would like to give back is to see the kids being able to skate and stand on their own feet.”

Instagram @antony_create

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott

City Leader, Baltimore Maryland

“Despite the bad reputation baltimore has been given, there is an abundance of culture and new things to try and new ideas sprouting daily. I also really enjoy going out and just getting to meet new people and exchange stories and what not between each other, because you never really know what a person has to say, whether it be a kid, just some lady at the bus stop, or even the less fortunate just asking for some loose change.”

Instagram @DankBurrito

Dillon Burroughs

Dillon Burroughs

City Leader, Kansas City Missouri

“We’re really just trying to give back out here! ”

Instagram @Dillabetes

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