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You’re a do-gooder. That’s obvious. 

Now let’s get you plugged in.






There is an end to homelessness. It’s you.

Join Skate for Change by becoming a City Leader, or by skating in one of our global events.





Check out these Skate for Change events that are super easy to make happen in your city!

Day of Change – May 2nd 

Easy to join! On May 2nd we are going to see how many people we can get on the streets giving back! #DayofChange

Socktober – October 1-31

This is a great opportunity for your group, school, family, and friends to help us raise the most requested item in homeless shelters: SOCKS! More info coming soon!

Day of Change – November 2nd 

More information coming soon! #DayofChange




Want to take the next step?

Become a City Leader!


By joining our network of City Leaders you will have access to hundreds of do-gooders, and change-makers just like yourself! You will be the ambassador of Skate for Change in your city, and the go-to person when people want to give back.

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You may not think you’re an activist, but we do. Join us.