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During the month of October we are challenging you to see how many socks we can raise and distribute to help those on the streets.
Socks are the most requested, least donated item in homeless shelters: Let’s do something about it.



Socks Raised: 7,208

Getting started is simple:

During the month of October, see how many socks you can raise! The first step is to rally family, friends and classmates around the cause. Post, email, or text – just get the word out! Sock donations can either be gathered in person with donation bins or have people shop online and mail to you. We have found that many local business would love to let you put a donation bin in their lobby.


For more donation ideas, strategies, social media images, banners, and other items to help you raise support, enter your email below:

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Now for the fun part: giving them out! November 2nd is our international Day of Change. In a nutshell: it is a day where we see how much good we can do on our streets! This is the day where you can take your sock donations and hand them out in the streets. Do your research, find a good location, and head down to hand them out. Also, your local missions and shelters that aid people experiencing homelessness would gladly take your donations on this day! No matter how you give them out, be sure and tag us and send us pictures so we can celebrate your crew!

Spread the word:

Don’t forget to keep us updated on your project! DM or email us with pictures and numbers of how many socks you have raised! We want to celebrate your crew, school, or business for the socks you have raised.

DM us: Instagram – @SkateforChange




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Why are socks so important to people√ā¬†experiencing homelessness?

Clean feet not only improve morale, they also prevent diseases which are common when feet are exposed to the cold, heat, rain, and all the elements.

How do we keep Skate for Change updated with the number of socks we’ve raised?

Please contact us via email, facebook, or instagram! Tag us @skateforchange and we will see it.

How can we spread the word about Socktober?

Use the images in the email we send you to post, put up in your school and hype your sock drive!




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