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We're going to raise and give out 20,000 socks by Christmas

...and we're definitely going to need your help.




"Socks are the most requested, least donated item in homeless shelters across the world."



Getting started can be the hardest part! The first step is to gather family, friends and class mates and let them know what you are doing. Sock donations can either be gathered in person with donation bins or have people shop online and mail to you. Be sure and tag us @skateforchange or shoot us a DM with the # of socks your class/group has raised so we can shout you out! 

To get started we  want to mail you a kit with some social media images, banners, donation ideas and other items to help you raise support! Enter your email below to get started. 



Now for the fun part! You can give out your socks in a # of ways

  1. Head downtown and hand them out to people that are on the streets. This can be intimidating at first. just walk up,introduce yourself, and explain your group is handing out socks. Clean feet are so important for health and well-being so most people will be stoked!
  2. Mail them into us! We would love to help you distribute socks. If you mail them to: Skate for Change 2005 Y. St. Lincoln, Nebraska 68503 we will then mail them out to our Skate for Change chapters around the world to hand out!

Be sure and document your giving and use the hashtag #20kbyxmas so we can celebrate your team!

We're in! Send us more info!

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Socks are a seemingly small item to hand out, but for many it means warmth, disease prevention, and comfort.    



Socks handed out so far


% of sock goal that has been raised and handed out

Checkout some of the groups helping us hit this goal!

West Creek, New Jersey

West Creek, New Jersey

Karen and Aly Strang

"During our families saddest time everyone has stepped up and shown us love and support. We just did the final sock count and we have over 2500 pairs of socks!! We are truly thankful for your generosity. We know Zachary Strang would love everything about this - helping others, skating, and socks. Aly Paige will be meeting up with a Skate for Change chapter in AC tomorrow to drop them off at the rescue mission."

Carmel, California

Carmel, California

Caroline Ganos | This Club Saves Lives

"I never want to stop helping people,

I am so excited that my school was able to contribute to #20kbyXmas!


Decatur, Alabama

Decatur, Alabama

Austin High School Student Council

“Austin High’s student ambassadors are turning homecoming into a community outreach event and have partnered with the Committee on Church Cooperation for a project named “Sock it to the Senators.”

The group is on a mission to collect 20,000 pairs of socks that will go to the homeless and less fortunate, said science teacher Joanna Schley.

People tend to wear out socks, and this is the biggest request from the homeless,”

Student ambassadors and juniors Tamari Boulden, Matt Durbin and Dylan Montgomery said they are aware of the need to help the less fortunate in Decatur and support the sock drive.

“I have seen homeless people in Decatur, so I know this is a good idea,” Boulden said.

#20KbyXmas #SkateforChange #BeChange


How do we keep you updated with # of socks we've raised and given?

Hit us up via email, twitter, facebook, or instagram! Tag us @skateforchange and we will see it.

How can we spread the word?

Use the images in the email we send you to post, put up in your school and hype your sock drive!

Why are socks so important to people experiencing homelessness?

Clean feet not only improve morale, they also prevent diseases which are common when feet are exposed to the cold, heat, rain, and all the elements. 

What happens when we hit the goal?

We send pizza to everyone who donated......(disclaimer: that may or may not actually happen) 

But for real, we will party! What an amazing impact we will have had as winter comes and we were able to provide warm, clean socks for so many. 


Thank you to our sponsors: