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Your city needs YOU.

Create change. Fight for others. Stand for the broken.

I am proud of the heart the students have for individuals who are homeless…we’ve started here in Grand Rapids and we are hoping to help our community here.

Jen Gwinnup

Teacher, Spring Lake High School

You in?

#DayofChange 101


Homelessness is on the rise in major U.S. cities and some of the most needed items are simple hygiene items like socks, water, and soap. On May 2nd, we are challenging our network of misfits, artists, creatives, do-gooders, and skaters to grab their boards, bikes, and friends and go #SkateforChange in their cities.


Skaters, Students, Teachers, School Staff, Parents, Everyone.


Streets and cities across the globe. Anywhere where people are forced to sleep on our streets.


Because we believe three things:
  1. Everyone has Value
    1. Everyone deserves second chances, love, justice, and a friend. In this world of negativity, we swim upstream; speaking for the silent and standing for the broken.
  2. Leadership Means Action
    1. Its not about how many followers you have, your college degree, or how you look.Making a difference and being a leader is all about action. What did you do today to help others?
  3. It’s Simple
    1. Making a difference is as simple as taking whatever you love to do and using to help others. You don’t need matching shirts or community service hours to inspire you – you do it because it’s the right thing to do.


Steps to Organize Your #DayofChange Outing

  • Enter your email below
    • We will email you instructions, resources, ideas, tips and videos to make sure your outing has maximum impact on your city!
  • Use the Facebook Event page
    • Use this page to ask questions and get ideas from outings in other cities!
  • Spread the word:
    • Create posters, post on social media and spread the news with word-of-mouth. Create a facebook event for your outing and invite all your classmates and friends! Galvanize as many people and students you can to participate with you.
  • Use the has hashtag #DAYOFCHANGE .Put out a press release  announcing your action.


Get involved with Skate for Change and follow us on social media

Make sure you have conversations with adults about places that are safe to skate and be in your city. Use discretion when approaching individuals and keep in mind that you are in their “home” and place they do life everyday. Show respect by asking from a distance if they could use hygiene items, and you will find that most are happy to receive them! We ask that you refrain from taking pictures and videos  directly of people on the streets. We understand there are often sensitivities around capturing people and moments. Use your discretion and please only post or send us content you are comfortable sending, or share quotes and stories intstead.
After the Outing
  • Celebrate your crew! Post photos, grab some pizza!
  • Send any photos or videos you take to or tag us!
    • Photo/Video Ideas:
      • take photos of your crew
      • get photos of your donations
      • step back a few steps and get a shot of your crew in action!
        • Social media isn’t the reason any of us give back, but we do want to share your photos to celebrate you, help you raise donations, and continue the good in your city.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good first step?

Start with entering your email and we will get you all the information you need to get started!

Why Skateboarding?

That’s what we love to do, and that’s how we want to help! We hope that everyone is inspired to take what they love to do and use it to help others.

How do we see other groups around the globe Skating for Change?

The facebook event is where people will be posting as they go #SkateforChange around the globe. We will also be posting on the Skate for Change page throughout the day with updates from around the globe. Be sure and follow us!

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